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Outdoor Fun

Top Line Recreation offers high-quality and innovative playground equipment. Our products help to ensure your playground will be dynamic, safe and overflowing with limitless play value.

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Shade & Pavilions

Sun Protection

Top Line Recreation offers shade covers, sun shade structures, canopies, tents, commercial umbrellas, and shade shelters.
Our shade structures, covers, tents, awnings, umbrellas, and shade canopies are perfect for playgrounds, pools, bleachers, concession areas, schools, and other outdoor spaces where people and children seek protection from the sun’s harmful U.V. (Ultra Violet) rays.

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For All Ages

We offer outdoor fitness equipment that will enhance public areas and provide a solution to get people physically active.
Our Basic Package gives users the opportunity to perform over thirty-six (36) different exercise routines. The selection of units includes components for cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength. There is something for everyone.

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